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Benefits of Smart Home Automation

Lifestyle, comfort and convenience from the palm of your hand. 

The Leading Electrical team share their insights on how smart home automation is a game-changer when it comes to comfort, safety and convenience for the modern home. In this article, they deep dive into the exciting world of smart home automation, the benefits, features, and applications of accessible technology. 

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a household that uses a network to control a range of electronic devices and appliances. Controlling your appliances and devices from a smart phone or computer is a simple process. Having internet access allows you to do many things online and automate tasks that used to require manual effort. 

You can adjust the air conditioning, lighting, and security from your phone or laptop.” These tasks can be done easily from your mobile device or laptop. You have the ability to manage the temperature, lighting, and security access with just a few clicks. Smart thermostats, smart LED lighting, security cameras and smart blinds come together to create a more efficient and convenient living environment. 

What are The Advantages of Smart Home Automation?

Smart home technology enhances comfort, convenience, energy efficiency and security in the home. For most families, finding the time to perform all the tasks around the home can seem impossible. With smart technology, some tasks can be partially, or even fully automated without even being home. 

Smart Homes and Energy Efficiency

More homes are installing solar panels, which is increasing the need for better control and flexibility in energy usage. Smart homes enable you to set schedules for when you will use appliances. This helps to make the most of solar energy during peak times of solar power.

By scheduling appliance use, you can ensure that you are using solar energy efficiently. This can help reduce energy costs and make your home more environmentally friendly. 

You can use remote access to control appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, and automatic vacuum cleaners. With careful planning, you can operate even the most energy-intensive appliances using solar energy. 

Smart home automation installation by Leading Electrical Thornleigh

Smart Lighting

Automating the lighting inside and outside your home is a significant advantage for energy efficiency and safety. Often paired with energy-efficient LED globes and light fittings, smart lighting can benefit most households. 

Indoors, sensor-activated lighting is useful for families with young children. Ensuring hallways and stairs (if present) are well-lit during nighttime trips to the bathroom is both safe and convenient. Most parents will also appreciate bedroom lighting that turns off when children leave the room. 

Outdoors, and movement-sensing lighting will keep driveways and pathways well-lit and work towards keeping trips and falls to a minimum once the sun goes down. Sensor and timer-controlled lighting can also increase the security of poorly lit areas. The same lights can be automated to turn on and off at specific times. Tailored lighting schedules can be for when everyone returns home for the day or at the change of daylight savings times. 

Smart Air Conditioning 

A short time ago, combining comfort and convenience came at the cost of energy efficiency. Fortunately, smart air conditioners can be turned on and off from virtually anywhere. Smartphone app access allows total control over temperature, fan speeds and modes.

Smart air conditioners allow schedules to be set along with specific climate zones and temperatures according. These zones can be tailored according to how you use your home. They also include: 

  1. Energy monitoring. Like smart power outlets, smart air conditioners can provide energy consumption data and allow you to view usage in real-time. This helps you to identify opportunities to save energy. 
  2. Climate control. Setting the desired temperature of a specific zone is even easier with smart air conditioners. Many modern air-con systems offer individual zone, room and thermostat control. 
  3. Remote control. You can set smart air conditioners to turn on shortly before you arrive home. This can help you achieve optimal temperatures while running the air conditioner at its most energy-efficient settings. 
Smart home automation installation by Leading Electrical Thornleigh

Smart Security Systems and Cameras 

Most families achieve safety through adequate security. With smart home security technology, the safety of your family, home and valuables can be improved over traditional measures. Smart security systems use a combination of sensors, cameras, alarms and remote monitoring to detect and deter intruders.

Security levels can be adjusted depending on where you are; at home, at work, or away for extended periods. Smart security allows for tailored protection for different situations. For example, you may want higher security when you are away for a long time. On the other hand, you may prefer lower security while at home or work. 

Motion and disturbance sensors can be used to activate security lighting and CCTV cameras to auto-record. Modern security cameras can also allow live viewing and access from smart phones and laptops.

The same systems can be used to send notifications to several smartphones during disturbances. Property access and smart door locks can be accessed in a range of ways including fingerprints, keypads, fobs as well as conventional mechanical keys. 

Smart Power Outlets

A smart outlet has several advanced features over and above traditional power outlets. WiFi connectivity allows control of the power outlet and the connected device remotely. 

Smart outlets include access to smartphone apps that make monitoring individual appliance power consumption easy. They are an Ideal tool for any household looking to take control of their energy use and expenses. Most smart power outlets will also integrate with various home automation systems including Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri.

Turning Your Home Into a Smart Home

For many of us, turning a home into a smart home happens gradually. As our appliances age and wear, new appliances are likely to be purchased with some level of automation and connectivity built in. To help you get the most out of your new appliances, the Leading Electrical team recommends considering how home automation can be a part of your next home improvement or upgrade. 

From the installation of a single security light to your new backyard irrigation system, most modern appliances will have the ability to connect to smartphones to make the process of home automation simple. With a little careful planning, your next home improvement could make your home a smart home, delivering comfort, convenience and safety for what is most important. 

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