Whole House Surge Protection

At Leading Electrical, we understand the importance of protecting your valuable electronics and appliances from sudden voltage spikes and power surges. We offer professional surge protection services to shield your devices from potential damage and ensure their longevity.

Power surges can occur due to various factors, such as lightning strikes, electricity company equipment malfunctions, or electrical issues within your own home. These sudden increases in electrical voltage can cause irreparable damage to electronic devices and appliances. Surge protection acts as a barrier, diverting excess electrical energy and preventing it from reaching your devices.

To provide comprehensive surge protection for all your electrical devices, we recommend installing whole-house surge protection. This system is installed at the main electrical panel and guards against power surges that enter your home through the utility lines. Whole-house surge protection ensures that all outlets and devices throughout your property are shielded from voltage fluctuations.

Point of Use Surge Protection

In addition to whole-house surge protection, we also offer point-of-use surge protection for specific electronic devices and appliances. These surge protectors are installed directly at the outlets where your sensitive equipment is plugged in. Point-of-use surge protectors provide an additional layer of defence against power surges, safeguarding your valuable devices individually.

Don’t take chances with your valuable electronics. Contact Leading Electrical today to discuss your surge protection needs.


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